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Central Public Health Laboratories
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Shaker Mahmood Ibrahem
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Al-Andula Sq.Baghdad
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Country information about GM food safety assessment
Introduction national biosafety regulations:
Central Public Health Laboratory (CPHL) is one of the Ministry of Health (MOH) departments , who is dealing (one of its activity) with testing imported & domestic produced foodstuffs , it is authorized by the Iraqi Food Law No. 89/1981 & Nutrition Law No.29/1982 . In 2002 , MOH according to the law has decided to reject any imported foods which found genetically modified , & established for that a center laboratory at CPHL to look for GMO in foodstuffs , & then became a National Center for GMO( NCGMO) . NCGMO has started work with well trained people , equipped with 7500 real time PCR , last year has tested around (2000) food samples to be free from GMO & recently has a recognition letter from Biotechnicon / Germany on results .
Relevant links to documents and information prepared by the competent authority responsible for the safety assessment
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Information on stacked events
Stacked events:
Ministry of Health has ruling a regulation recently that no GMO foodstuffs would be consumed inside the country .
Contact details of the competent authority(s) responsible for the safety assessment and the product applicant:
Central Public Health Laboratory
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