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The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Organization/agency name (Full name):
Food and Veterinary Agency (FVA)
Contact person name:
Suzana Popovska
Physical full address:
III Makedonska brigada No 20 Macedonia Tabak building 1000 Skopje
Phone number:
+389 2 2457 895
Fax number:
Country information about GM food safety assessment
Introduction national biosafety regulations:
Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Water Economy and Food and Veterinary Agency are the competent authorities in the field of GMO in Republic of Macedonia. As a candidate country for EU membership Republic of Macedonia has aligned most of European legislation regarding the GMOs. Law on GMOs was adopted by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, in 2008, as well as the bylaws deriving thereof. Food and Veterinary Agency is responsible for GMO food and feed. Rulebook on specific requirements for GMO food, labeling and traceability requirements of food products containing GMO food or consist of GMOs and requirements for traceability of food produced from GMOs, Book of rules on requirements and manner for authorization for placing on the market of GM feed and requirements for the use and placing of the market of the feed and requirements for placing on the market of feed which contains and/or consists of GMO, including bulk feed, use of the GM feed and traceability and requirements, and special requirements for special labeling are in force. The rulebooks are harmonized with European regulations (EC) 1829/2003 and 1830/2003, except provisions related to issuing of approvals for which there is a national book of rules.
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