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Sudan Academy of Sciences
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Eisa El Gaali
Physical full address:
Khartoum 2, PO Box 88
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+249-183 485437
Country information about GM food safety assessment
Introduction national biosafety regulations:
has taken over the full responsibility of issuing and supervising all commodity standards including food. Currently, Sudan has developed a national biosafety framework with regard to genetically modified organisms. A regulatory guidelines and preconditions for importing commodities that might contain GMO, was issued be the Sudanese standards and metrology organization (SSMO). This was followed by a national biosafety law that stated clear articles related to GMO and biosafety. The focal point to implement the law is federal ministry of environment. Building on that the ministry of environment developed a Higher Council of Biosafety composed of a group of national experts from different disciplines representing different sectors specially and those dealing with safety and modern biotechnology. The council has technical committees collaborate closely and shared responsibility with other sectors in the implementation of their activities. Currently the higher council of biosafety working with the Sudanese standards and metrology organization (SSMO) for formulation of a national standard of GMO in food and feed and risk assessment an management.
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