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General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policy
Contact person name:
İsa Özkan
Physical full address:
İstanbul Yolu üzeri, Tarım Kampüsü No:38 06171 Yenimahalle/Ankara/Turkey
Phone number:
+90 312 315 52 86
Fax number:
+90 312 315 26 98
Country information about GM food safety assessment
Country introduction:
Turkey is party to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (CPB) since Jan 24, 2004. Biosafety applications in Turkey are carried out within the framework of the Biosafety Law (no.5977) which entered into force in 26 September 2010 and its relevant regulations (“The Regulation on Genetically Modified Organisms and Products” and “The Regulation Connected with Working Procedure and Principles of Biosafety Board and Committees”). Biosafety Law and two regulations came into force on 26th September 2010. According to Biosafety Law it is forbidden to cultivate GM crops and animals, in Turkey. Biosafety Board founded in 22nd September 2010 to evaluate applications about GMO and products and perform tasks that are written in Biosafety Law and related regulations. Biosafety Board makes a “Decision” about applications on GMO and products via taking Scientific Committees’ risk assessment and socio-economic assessment into account. To date, 3 types of GM soybean and 14 types of GM maize were approved as feed for import. There is no aplication and approved GMO crop or product for food, till now.
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