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Ministry of Health
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Bakhodir Rakhimov
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12, Navoi street, Tashkent city
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Country information about GM food safety assessment
Introduction national biosafety regulations:
In the Republic of Uzbekistan, there are sanitary norms and rules #0185-05 «Requirements for definition security of food products containing genetically modified sources (GMS)», as approved by the Chief State Sanitary Inspector #48 on 18.07.2005 year. This document provided to study the influence of products, derived from genetically modified sources, to the function of reproduction in identifying possible embryotoxic, gonadotoxic and teratogenicity in experimental animals. Over the years 2005 -2014 there was not hits on research to investigate the safety of food products containing GMOs, i.e. has not been accessed for the import of products containing GMS. Relevant documents: Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "About State Sanitary Surveillance" Sanitary rules and norms of the Republic of Uzbekistan #0283-10 Sanitary rules and norms of the Republic of Uzbekistan #0185-05 and other.
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