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Each transformation event derived from recombinant-DNA techniques has a unique code. You may select an option from the list of OECD Unique Identifier (What is this?) below. Simply click on a code to reveal its information. You may also select a OECD Unique Identifier in the drop-down list below

To search information by commodity, trait, or country click the “Commodity“, “Trait” or “Country” in the main menu to the left.

OECD Unique Identifier
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OECD Unique Identifier Commodity Traits
HZU-HHU Ø Ø1-9 Rice Insect resistance
IND-ØØ41Ø-5 Soyabean / Soybeans Increased resistance to environmental stresses that reduce crop yield
Inzen Sorghum Acetolactate synthase (ALS) inhibitors tolerance
IR-ØØGR2E-5 Rice Rice with increased levels of provitamin A
KM-ØØØH71-4 Sugar Beet Glyphosate tolerance
MON 81Ø Corn / Maize Insect resistance
MON 87769 Soyabean / Soybeans High stearidonic acid
MON 88Ø17 Corn / Maize Insect resistance,Glyphosate tolerance
MON- ØØ1Ø1-8×MON- ØØ179-5 Alfalfa / Lucerne Altered lignin profile,Herbicide tolerance
MON-00179-5 Alfalfa / Lucerne Altered lignin profile
MON-15985-7 Cotton Lepidoptera resistance
MON-15985-7xMON-Ø1445-2 Cotton Glyphosate tolerance,Lepidoptera resistance
MON-71800-3 Wheat Glyphosate tolerance
MON-87403-1 Corn / Maize Increased ear biomass at R1 developmental stage
MON-87411-9 Corn / Maize Glyphosate tolerance,Coleoptera resistance
MON-87419-8 Corn / Maize Dicamba tolerance,Glufosinate tolerance
MON-87419-8 Corn / Maize Dicamba tolerance,Glufosinate tolerance
MON-87427-7 Corn / Maize Glyphosate tolerance
MON-87427-7xMON-89034-3xMON-ØØ6Ø3-6 Corn / Maize Glyphosate tolerance,Lepidoptera resistance
MON-87427-7×MON-89Ø34-3×MON-88Ø17-3 Corn / Maize Glyphosate tolerance,Lepidoptera resistance,Coleoptera resistance
MON-8746Ø-4 Corn / Maize Drought tolerance,Kanamycin resistance
MON-8746Ø-4 x MON-89Ø34-3 x MON-88Ø17-3 Corn / Maize Drought tolerance,Glyphosate tolerance,Lepidoptera resistance,Coleoptera resistance
MON-8746Ø-4xMON-89Ø34-3xMON-ØØ6Ø3-6 Corn / Maize Herbicide tolerance,Insect resistance,Drought tolerance
MON-8746Ø-4xMON-ØØ6Ø3-6 Corn / Maize Drought tolerance,Glyphosate tolerance
MON-87705-6 Soyabean / Soybeans Glyphosate tolerance,High oleic acid
MON-87712-4 Soyabean / Soybeans Altered diurnal regulation
MON-87751-7 Soyabean / Soybeans Lepidoptera resistance
MON-87769-7 Soyabean / Soybeans High stearidonic acid
MON-877Ø1-2 Soyabean / Soybeans Lepidoptera resistance
MON-877Ø1-2xMON-89788-1 Soyabean / Soybeans Glyphosate tolerance,Lepidoptera resistance
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10