Food safety and quality
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FAO supports the development of member countries’ capacities to effectively manage food safety and quality by providing scientific advice on specific food safety issues and guidance on a range of food control matters through training tools and other publications.

Tools and publications are targeted for use by food safety and quality professionals directly involved in building national food safety systems, scientists, academics and trainers, and food chain operators, as well as other stakeholders contributing to in developing and implementing food safety and quality programmes.

A range of topics are addressed including:

  • assessment of food safety capacity building needs
  • building effective food safety systems
  • enhancing participation in Codex activities
  • Good Hygienic Practices and Hazard Analysis / Critical Control Points (HACCP) systems
  • food inspection
  • food safety risk analysis
  • origin-linked quality

We continue to develop appropriate publications and tools based on identified needs from member countries. To ensure the global relevance, they are developed together with experts and/or relevant organizations from different countries, are peer reviewed and made available in relevant languages.