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香料 Pyruvaldehyde
同义词 2-Ketopropionaldehyde;Acetylformaldehyde;Methylglyoxal
JECFA评价 2003 (Session 61)
质量规格的状况 Full
化学名称 2-Oxopropanal
JECFA编码 937
CAS编码 78-98-8
FEMA编码 2969
COE编码 105
FLAVIS编码 07.001
分子量 72.06
化学结构式 C3H4O2
物理性状/气味 yellow mobile hygroscopic liquid which polymerizes readily; pungent stinging odour
溶解度 miscible with water and most solvents and oils (yellow solutions)
在乙醇中溶解度 miscible
沸点(C) 72°
检测分钟% 95%
最大酸价值 10
折射系数 1.399-1.406
比重 1.041-1.048
其他要求 [Polymer dissolves in water with evolution of heat, reverting to monomer; only available as 40% aqueous solution]