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Online Edition: "Specifications for Flavourings"

Flavouring Pyruvaldehyde
Synonym(s) 2-Ketopropionaldehyde;Acetylformaldehyde;Methylglyoxal
Latest JECFA evaluation 2003 (Session 61)
Status of specification Full
Chemical name 2-Oxopropanal
JECFA number 937
CAS number 78-98-8
FEMA number 2969
COE number 105
FLAVIS number 07.001
Molecular weight 72.06
Chemical formula C3H4O2
Physical form/odour yellow mobile hygroscopic liquid which polymerizes readily; pungent stinging odour
Solubility miscible with water and most solvents and oils (yellow solutions)
Solubility in ethanol miscible
Boiling point (°C) 72°
Assay min % 95%
Acid value max 10
Refractive index 1.399-1.406
Specific gravity 1.041-1.048
Other requirements [Polymer dissolves in water with evolution of heat, reverting to monomer; only available as 40% aqueous solution]