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Online Edition: "Specifications for Flavourings"

Flavouring Santalyl acetate (alpha and beta)
Latest JECFA evaluation 2002 (Session 59)
Status of specification Full
Chemical name Mixture of 2-Methyl-5-(2,3-dimethyltricyclo[]hept-3-yl)pent-2-enyl acetate and 2-Methyl-5-(2-methyl-3-methyenebicyclo[2.2.1]hept-2-yl)pent-2-enyl acetate
JECFA number 985
CAS number 1323-00-8
FEMA number 3007
COE number 224
FLAVIS number
Molecular weight 262.4
Chemical formula C17H26O2
Physical form/odour Almost colourless or very pale straw-coloured, slightly viscous liquid; Delicately woody, faintly sandalwood-like, musky-sweet odour of excellent tenacity
Solubility Insoluble in water; soluble in oils
Solubility in ethanol Miscible at room temperature
Boiling point (°C) 20.8° (3 mm Hg)
Assay min % 95%
Acid value max 1
Refractive index 1.485-1.493
Specific gravity 0.980-0.986
Other requirements [60-65% alpha, 30-35% beta form]
ID Test IR