Nutrition & consumer protection
Green room - Plenary session
Professor Barrie Margetts
Measuring dietary diversity - Marie Claude Dop
Poster session
Committee members - Catherine Champagne & Barbara Burlingame
Committee dinner - Andrew Hills & Catherine Champagne
Committee dinner - all members
Session on measuring dietary diversity
Green room session
Committee member & FAO secretariat - Ruth Charrondiere, Barbara Burlingame & Diedelinde Persijn
FAO secretariat - Janice Albert, Barbara Vermeil, Diedelinde Persijn & Barbara Burlingame
Hettie Schoenfeldt, Professor Barrie Margetts & Ruth Charrondiere
Professor Boyd Swinburn
Opening address
Poster session
Social dinner - Yves Martin-Prevel, Barbara Burlingame & Amy Subar
Social dinner
Committee dinner - Catherine Champagne, Ruth Charrondiere, Marie Claude Dop, Aiada Turrini & Barbara Burlingame
Committee dinner - Amy Subar, Barbara Burlingame & Aiada Turrini
Session on characterising sustainable diets and biodiversity
Poster room group photo
Session on characterising sustainable diets and biodiversity