Food Chain Crisis Management Framework

EMPRES: prevention and early warning

Protection against animal and plant diseases and pests and against food safety threats and preventing their spread, is one of the keys to fighting hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

The FAO Emergency Prevention System (EMPRES) has the mandate to address prevention and early warning across the entire food chain. This is done through the following systems:

  • EMPRES Animal Health: animal diseases, including aquatic animal diseases
  • EMPRES Plant Protection: plant pests and diseases including desert locust and forest plant pests and diseases
  • EMPRES Food Safety

EMPRES promotes the effective containment and control of the most serious epidemic pests and diseases and food safety threats through international cooperation involving early warning, early reaction, coordination and capacity development.

Approach adapted to the food chain

Approaches to and development of emergency prevention and early warning on animal health, plant protection and food safety are different. EMPRES takes these differences into consideration with respect to the institutional linkages which need to be established and maintained with countries, regionally and globally.

Prevention saves lives, saves livelihoods, saves money

EMPRES has proven that investment in emergency prevention is more cost effective, livelihoods saving and ecologically less devastating than responding to fully developed food chain crises. [...]