Food Chain Crisis Management Framework

Coordination mechanisms

To ensure coordination and synergy between the FCC components, the FCC established three coordination mechanisms. The FCC-ICU acts as the Secretariat.

FCC Policy Advisory Committee

The FCC Policy Advisory Committee provides overall governance, guidance and institutional facilitation of the FCC. Under the chairmanship of the Director-General, it is composed of the two Deputy Directors-General and all Assistant Directors-General as well as the Directors of the Office of Corporate Communications and External Relations and the Office of Support to Decentralization.

FCC Oversight Committee

The FCC Oversight Committee provides guidance for the development and implementation of food chain crises strategies, and takes decisions on all non-policy related food chain crisis issues. Under the chairmanship of the Assistant Director-General, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department, the FCC Oversight Committee is composed of the Directors of the Divisions involved in the FCC (Animal Production and Health, Communication, Emergency and Rehabilitation, Fisheries and Aquaculture Management, Fish Products and Industry, Forest Management, Nutrition and Consumer Protection, and Plant Production and Protection).

FCC Working Group

The FCC Working Group is composed of Heads of EMPRES units. It addresses technical and strategic issues related to the food chain. It acts as a think tank for relevant technical issues related to animal health (including aquatic animal health), plant protection (crops and forest plants) and food safety. It reports to the FCC Oversight Committee.