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28 Sep 2012

FAO: higher risk of Rift Valley Fever with heavy rainy season ahead

FAO is advising veterinary services in sub-Saharan Africa to intensify surveillance for Rift Valley fever (RVF), which is a mosquito-borne zoonosis – affecting both animals and humans. Rift Valley fever in the past has often only been detected once human cases occur. However, by heightening surveillance [...]

21 Sep 2012

Vaccines boosting defenses against deadly livestock disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Vaccination teams have fanned out across Masi-Manimba in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to vaccinate goats and sheep against peste des petits ruminants. As increasing numbers of animals are vaccinated, however, [...]

20 Sep 2012

Foot-and-mouth disease diagnostics key first step in disease control

A training on the laboratory diagnosis of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) was held in Accra from 17-21 September. The course involved drawing from various fields of expertise and contributions from among members of the network of labs known as RESOLAB in West Africa and its FMD sub-network, [...]

13 Sep 2012

Vaccination campaign against peste des petits ruminants in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Bandundu province

500 000 animals to be vaccinated

Up to now, 177 000 animals have been vaccinated and 323 000 more will be vaccinated during the next two phases of the FAO project. 

Only one month after the official launched of the project “Emergency assistance for the control of peste des petits...

12 Sep 2012

African Swine Fever recent developments - timely updates

Worrisome dynamics: Steady spread towards unaffected areas could have disastrous impact
African swine fever (ASF) is now established beyond Africa, in the Caucasus and the Russian Federation, where it is having a particularly devastating impact on small-scale pig farmers, who are losing a valuable protein source and cash income....

21 Aug 2012

Pig disease outbreak in Ukraine a major warning sign

Rapid spread of African swine fever due to human activities, including “swill feeding” 

21 August 2012, Rome - Following the first-ever detection of African swine fever in Ukraine, FAO is warning that while control measures appear to have temporarily halted the disease's spread, it has established a firm foothold in the...

23 Jul 2012

Call for countries to comply with moratorium on research using live rinderpest virus

FAO/OIE move underpins next steps to ensure the lethal livestock disease remains eradicated for good

23 July 2012, Rome/Paris - FAO and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) are calling on countries to comply with a global moratorium on research that involves working with live rinderpest virus in laboratories.

FAO and...

17 Jul 2012

Niger and Mali work to contain the Desert Locust threat

Locusts multiply with good rains, pose threat to pastures and croplands

17 July 2012, Rome ­- The Desert Locust threat to pastures and croplands in Niger and Mali is growing after swarms of the insects arrived in the north of the two countries last month from Algeria and Libya.

29 Jun 2012

More than 100 nations support new strategy on livestock disease

FAO/OIE Global Strategy to control foot-and-mouth disease benefits farmers and consumers

Bangkok29 June 2012 - Farmers and consumers stand to benefit from a new global strategy to control the spread of a deadly livestock disease that was endorsed today by representatives from more than 100 countries and international donors at a conference...

27 Jun 2012

FAO and OIE unveil global strategy for control of foot-and-mouth disease

Ultimate objective is to achieve FMD-free status

27 June 2012, Bangkok - FAO and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) are joining forces to combat foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) on a global scale, laying out a detailed strategy today to bring the devastating livestock disease under control.

The two organizations underlined, however,...

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