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29 Jun 2012

More than 100 nations support new strategy on livestock disease

FAO/OIE Global Strategy to control foot-and-mouth disease benefits farmers and consumers

Bangkok29 June 2012 - Farmers and consumers stand to benefit from a new global strategy to control the spread of a deadly livestock disease that was endorsed today by representatives from more than 100 countries and international donors at a conference...

27 Jun 2012

FAO and OIE unveil global strategy for control of foot-and-mouth disease

Ultimate objective is to achieve FMD-free status

27 June 2012, Bangkok - FAO and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) are joining forces to combat foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) on a global scale, laying out a detailed strategy today to bring the devastating livestock disease under control.

The two organizations underlined, however,...

26 Jun 2012

Livestock epidemic causing havoc in Democratic Republic of the Congo

FAO acts to stop spread of disease that has killed 75 000 goats and threatens neighbouring countries

26 June 2012, Rome - FAO is mobilizing emergency support for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to counter the rapid spread of peste des petits ruminants, a virulent livestock disease of goats and...

5 Jun 2012

Niger, Mali on alert to Desert Locust risk

Insecurity and conflict hinder control efforts

Regional coordination is crucial to locust control.

Croplands in Niger and Mali are at imminent risk from Desert Locust swarms that are moving southward from Algeria and Libya, FAO warned today.

Groups of locusts have recently been found in northern Niger, arriving from infestations further north.

FAO says...

17 May 2012

Partnering for Prevention

Locust preventive control in west and northwest Africa – a success story

COAG Side Event :: 24 May 2012 [Iran Room: 12.30 – 14.15 hours]


On 24 May there will be a resource partner side event at FAO headquarters showcasing a successful example of the desert locust preventive...

2 May 2012

Foot-and-mouth disease reported in Gaza Strip

Controlling animal movements key to stopping further spread in the region as vaccines remain in short supply

The detection in the Gaza Strip of a new case of a novel strain of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) underscores the importance of maintaining - and intensifying -- international efforts to stop the virus from...

12 Apr 2012

A new deal to rid Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia of obsolete pesticides

The EU and FAO invest in model for hazardous waste management and sustainable crop protection

A partnership to protect human health and the environment

Twelve countries in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia will start working with the European Union (EU) and FAO to manage their vast stocks of...

10 Apr 2012

Desert Locust Control in West and Northwest Africa

Between 2006 and 2011, four desert locust outbreaks were successfully controlled in Mauritania and Niger, in large part due to a multi-partner preventive control programme that strengthened the countries’ surveillance, control and environmental monitoring capacities. The programme, which includes ten countries in west and northwest Africa, is now entering its...

3 Apr 2012

Global pact against plant pests marks 60 years in action

FAO celebrates anniversary of creation of the International Plant Protection Convention

FAO today marked the 60th anniversary of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), a treaty established in 1952 to help prevent plant pests and diseases from spreading across international boundaries via international trade.

The origins of the convention can be...

23 Mar 2012

FAO appeals for urgent Horn of Africa funds

Funding needed to build strength against crisis

FAO today urgently appealed for $50 million to cover the funding gap for priority agricultural and pastoral activities that must be carried out in the Horn of Africa before and during the next planting season, which coincides with the rainy season from April to...

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