Food Chain Crisis Management Framework

FCC intelligence and coordination

The Food Chain Crisis – Intelligence and Coordination Unit (FCC-ICU) ensures coordination within the various components of the FCC. It oversees risk analysis and intelligence, and long-term threat forecasting within the framework. The FCC-ICU is based in the office of the Assistant Director-General of the Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department.

Coordination activities include:

  • advance coordination and collaboration among the constituents of the FCC
  • design, negotiate and undertake steps for the strengthening of inter departmental cooperation in profiling and promoting FAO’s management to food chain crises
  • support advocacy for prevention and early warning
  • enhance opportunities of linkages, partnerships and complementarities
  • contribute to the design of risk communication strategies along the food chain

Risk analysis and intelligence activities include:

  • assess trends and threats to the food chain
  • studies and research for targeted horizon
  • information sharing through various networks and partnerships
  • expert consultations on the assessment of emerging threats to the food chain

The FCC-ICU also acts as the Secretariat of the FCC coordination mechanisms.