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21 Jul 2014

La FAO alerta del riesgo de los murciélagos de la fruta en la epidemia de Ébola en África occidental

La Organización trabaja para evitar la transmisión del mortífero virus de los animales silvestres a los humanos en Guinea, Liberia y Sierra Leona

Es necesario un mayor esfuerzo para concienciar a las comunidades rurales de África occidental sobre los riesgos de contraer el virus del Ébola al consumir ciertas especies de...

11 Jul 2014

FAO works to curb the burden of brucellosis in endemic countries ::: Case studies from Eurasia and the Near East

Volume 8 ::: July 2014 :::

1. Timely and effective assistance to countries;
2. Brucellosis control programme in Tajikistan: pathway to success;
3. A stepwise approach for progressive control of brucellosis in livestock;
4. Importance of regional cooperation and networking for brucellosis control;

7 Jul 2014

China Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Highlights

Volume 64 ::: May 2014 :::

1. UNTGH Working Group on Diseases at the Human-Animal Interface;
2. Strengthening collaboration between China and FAO on animal health and production: MoA and FAO review meeting held at FAO HQs in Rome;
3. Upcoming activities.


7 Jul 2014

FAO ECTAD Annual Report 2013

Report - Poultry production, and its associated activities, account for around one percent of Indonesia’s gross domestic product and provide the majority of animal protein consumed by 232 million Indonesians.

A complex array of poultry enterprises, ranging from intensive commercial enterprises, to small-scale semi intensive broiler and layer enterprises,...

4 Jul 2014

FAO prepares for the USAID Second Phase of Emerging Pandemic Threats Programme

The emergence of new and potentially pandemic infectious diseases like certain avian influenza strains raises serious public health, economic, security and development concerns. Since launching the five-year Emerging Pandemic Threats Programme (EPT1) in 2009 to predict and prepare for such global epidemics, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)...

2 Jul 2014

EMPRES -Salud Animal 360 ::: No.43 - 2014

EMPRES 360 - Resaltando los esfuerzos conjuntos para luchar contra el hambre y la pobreza a través de la sanidad animal


1 Jul 2014

Emergence of lumpy skin disease in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin countries

Publication [ARABIC] - EMPRES watch ::: Vol. 29


1 Jul 2014

Identifican los diez principales parásitos transmitidos por los alimentos

La lista ha sido publicada por la FAO y la OMS, que desarrollan nuevas directrices para combatirlos

Los diez principales parásitos transmitidos por los alimentos y que causan mayor preocupación en el mundo, aparecen en un lista publicada hoy por la FAO y la OMS, que están elaborando nuevas...

27 Jun 2014

Debriefing and results of the first locust control campaign in Madagascar

STORIES - A debriefing on the results of the first locust control campaign (2013/14) of the Three year Programme in response to the locust plague, was held on Friday 27 June 2014 at the FAO Representation in Madagascar. This debriefing, jointly chaired by the Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development,...

10 Jun 2014

FAO Wheat Rust Diseases Global Programme 2014–2017

Strengthening capacities and promoting collaboration to prevent wheat rust epidemics

Wheat is a source of food and livelihoods for over 1 billion people in developing countries. A major staple food crop in many countries, it is an important source of nutrition, providing on average 40 percent of per capita calorie intake....

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