Climate change, energy and food
High-Level Conference on World Food Security: the Challenges of Climate Change and Bioenergy Rome, 3-5 June 2008


Workshop on Climate Change and Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture

13-14 February 2008

Axel W. Drescher &  Rüdiger Glaser

Global Models and Scenarios (IPCC 2007…)

Ian Gordon

Insects: climate change, ecosystem services and agricultural biodiversity

Luigi Guarino

The Global Crop Diversity Trust and Climate Change

Trevor Hill

Reflections: local and community perspectives

Louise Jackson

Soil, biodiversity and ecosystem services

Andy Jarvis

Modelling distribution impact in relation to agricultural biodiversity

Hideki Kanamaru

Highlights of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report
(AR4) – food, agriculture and ecosystems

Antoine Kremer

Mitigation of climate change via genetic resources and processes in forest trees

Balgis Osman-Elasha

Biodiversity in the IPCC

Roger Pullin

Climate Climate Change and Freshwater Fish Genetic Resources

Jake Rice

Managing biodiversity in capture fisheries

Jan Salick

Tibetan alpine ethnobotany and climate change

Hilton Silveira Pinto,  Jurandir Zullo Jr, Ana M. H. de Avila, Eduardo D. Assad, Fábio Marin and  Giampaolo Q. Pellegrino

Effects of Climate Change in Brazilian Agriculture: Mitigation and Adaptation

Tore Skrøppa

Climate Change and Forest Genetic Resources; implications for Conservation and Sustainable use

Bhuwon Sthapit

Diverse production systems: Local management of plant genetic resources

John Williams

Genetics Genetics and diversity

John Woolliams

Interface of Animal Genetic Resources, Biodiversity and Climate Change