Climate change, energy and food
High-Level Conference on World Food Security: the Challenges of Climate Change and Bioenergy Rome, 3-5 June 2008


High food prices - supporting the poor and re-launching agriculture 28 May 2008
June Summit on food security offers historic chance to address world food challenges
Food prices remain high despite higher output 22 May 2008
Increased hunger likely in some poor countries
Diouf: world must seize chance to boost agriculture 29 April 2008
High food prices not just threat but opportunity
A unified United Nations response to the global food price challenge 29 April 2008
UN System Chief Executives Board (CEB) press release
A major boost to preparations for the FAO Summit on food security 18 April 2008
Brazilian President Lula confirms his presence
Poorest countries’ cereal bill continues to soar, governments try to limit impact 11 April 2008
Forecast growth in 2008 cereal production could ease tight global supply
Urgent measures required to reduce impact of high food prices on the poor 9 April 2008
UN agency chiefs highlight role of agro-industries
FAO expects rice production to rise by 1.8 percent in 2008 2 April 2008
Market situation remains difficult in the short-term – lower rice trade
Climate change a further challenge for gender equity 10 March 2008
How men and women farmers are differently affected
FAO calls on countries to report on forests 6 March 2008
2010 global forest assessment to provide input to climate change debate
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