Climate change, energy and food
High-Level Conference on World Food Security: the Challenges of Climate Change and Bioenergy Rome, 3-5 June 2008


Agriculture in the Near East likely to suffer from climate change 3 March 2008
The hungry and poor will be mostly affected – FAO meeting debates impact on the region
“Biodiversity is vital for human survival and livelihoods,” FAO Deputy Director-General says 18 February 2008
James G. Butler calls for “urgent remedial action” against hunger and rural poverty
FAO unveils new bioenergy assessment tool 8 February 2008
Weighs impact on food security
Rome UN Agencies urge immediate climate action to avert hunger 12 December 2007
FAO Director-General announces High-Level Conference
Climate change causing species disappearance in mountain areas 11 December 2007
Fresh water, animal and plant species threatened
Climate change: focussing on how the vulnerable can cope 7 December 2007
FAO pilots emerging strategies to alleviate weather-related consequences
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