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“Recognition” was the word invoked time and again by indigenous leaders during the first ever World Summit of Indigenous Peoples and Nature at IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille, France. Were they heard?
Launched today, Path to Scale is an informal network of donors and financial institutions aiming to scale-up funding and other enabling factors to secure the land and resource rights, conservation, and livelihoods of Indigenous Peoples, local communities and Afro-descendant Peoples to the levels necessary to meet 2030 global climate and...
IUCN’s Indigenous Peoples Member Organisations called for the recognition of Indigenous peoples’ rights and governance over their lands and resources. The call is part of a global agenda of Indigenous priorities for conservation action that was presented during the IUCN World Summit of Indigenous Peoples and Nature, held at the IUCN...
Au Togo la ferme école "Ma joie" forme des jeunes à l'agroécologie, une agriculture saine pour la santé et respectueuse des sols. Voir le reportage de TV5 Monde. 
Florina Lopez (RMIB-LAC), a Guna leader from Panama, Luz Fernandez (FIMI), a Wayuu leader from Venezuela, and Lola Cabnal (Ak’Tenamit), a Maya Q’eqchi’ leader from Guatemala reaffirm that their leadership as indigenous women is vital for the protection of Mother Earth.
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