Forest and Farm Facility


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An event of the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities as part of the US Climate Action Week with the participation of indigenous and local communities from the Amazon Basin, Brazil, Indonesia and Mesoamerica. David Kaimowitz will speak at the event.
Join the Inaugural Land Dialogue webinar on Indigenous Peoples forests governance, hosted by the Tenure Facility, Land Portal, Ford Foundation and Thomson Reuters Foundation. Speakers: Myrna Cunningham, David Kaimowitz, Silvana Baldovino and Carlos Enrique Espinosa Peña.
The objective of the conference is to promote understanding and sharing of knowledge, good practices and solutions among and between scholars, practitioners, private sector and policy makers on sustainable and equitable wood fuel value chains and to advocate and explore strategies for their scaling-up.
Preserving Latin America’s forests is vital to fight the climate crisis and deforestation is lower in indigenous territories. Read the article about the new report produced by FAO and the Fund for the Development of Indigenous Peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean (Filac).
“Indigenous peoples and Afro-descendants in the forest areas of Latin America have done a great job of taking care of their forests,” said David Kaimowitz, manager of the forest and farm facility at FAO and lead author of the report.