Mécanisme forêts et paysans


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Watch the video of the event Kenya is a wood deficit country and farm forestry has been promoted for a long time to meet the growing timber demand and to comply with a constitutional target of 10% national tree cover. Currently, timber from farms accounts for about 40% of the national ...
Togo’s expanding populations need both food and means of generating income. After a recent visit, Duncan Macqueen reflects on how multi-tiered self-organisation is supporting sustainable solutions among tapioca producers.
Forest and farm producer organizations (FFPOs) are providing immediate emergency responses and offering grounded solutions for resilience in building back better secure landscape-based production systems The FFF is helping FFPOs in documenting best practices and facilitating the implementation of locally adapted measures.
Biodiversity – forest and farm producers are critical agents for a healthy planet. Today is 2020 International Day of the Forest and for that matter, the Ghana Federation of Forest and Farm Producers (GhaFFaP) acknowledges the central role of the forest in ensuring sustainable biodiversity for all forms of live on ...
This article analyses how locally-controlled forestry (LCF) enterprises contribute to a broad notion of prosperity as ‘that which people value and have reason to value in line with the common good’.