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THe Association of Ecological Production Organizations of Bolivia (AOPEB) established ‘Biobags’, a business that distributes organic foods to homes across Bolivia. This was a response to short-term market demand linked to the pandemic and helped to maintain income generation and food security at a very difficult moment.
Au Togo, l’Agriculture Familiale constitue une large part de la richesse nationale avec au moins 70% d’actifs agricoles. Cet atelier de partage a réaffirmé à l’échelle nationale les objectifs du Togo en matière de restauration des paysages et l’engagement des petits producteurs dans cet effort.
An FAO training has been a turning point in Rita’s shea business. Now she is an advocate and employer of other rural women, promoting sustainable livelihoods that can offset deforestation in her region. Read the story.
In 2017 small farmer groups growing cinnamon worked together to establish a single formalised cooperative. By 2019 they had attracted inward investment for building a processing factory, developed an organic cinnamon value chain, diversified a range of cinnamon products; diversified the ecosystems of members farms; and have now started to diversify their...
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is set to train members of smallholder tree-grower associations in southern Tanzania on tree measurements and data collection. Trainees will be able to inventory their own land, improve their livelihoods, and boost the sustainability of the sector. Tanzania’s smallholder tree growers...
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