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The Forest and Farm Facility is looking for apex regional (i.e. present in more than one country) and global forest and farm producers’ organizations, or consortia of such organizations, to collaborate with and support. This round of grants will focus on ways organizations can improve their service delivery to their...
Scaling-up Investments for the Forest and Farm Facility The Resource Partners Thematic Consultation “Scaling-up Investments for the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF)” took place on 30 April 2019 at FAO headquarters. The meeting represents the first of its kind since the inception of the first phase of FFF back in 2012. It...
Local organisations, thriving amongst smallholders dependent on adjacent forests or trees growing on their farms, constitute perhaps the world’s biggest and most effective force for improved rural livelihoods and sustainability. They face fast changing pressures. Many are likely to find it useful to have an organisational goal of contributing to...
Indigenous peoples living in and around forests face unique challenges that FAO, working with such communities and their governments, is helping to address, as a new FAO publication released at a side event at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues-18 describes.