Global Forest Resources Assessments

Regional Forest resources Assessments (1970s)

During the 1970s FAO did not carry out global surveys but instead undertook a series of regional assessments with the intention that each would be more regionally appropriate and specific. Starting in the late 1960s FAO sent out questionnaires to all industrialized countries as well as to the countries of Latin America and Asia. The results were analyzed and published in 3 separate reports. A similar questionnaire was sent to African countries and reports were subsequently published by the Department of Forest Survey of the Swedish Royal College of Forestry.
The regional assessments of the developing areas had the following main features in common:

  • they were only partly based on questionnaires, the rest of the information having been collected in another form, e.g. through travels;
  • they included more qualitative information (descriptions of forest types, indication of species planted, quotations of figures on volumes and other stand characteristics extracted from inventory reports, etc.) than the earlier assessments;
  • in addition to regional statistical tables, country notes were prepared regrouping all quantitative information selected for each country;
  • they involved a validation process with the national forest institutions.

Although FAO did not compile the regional findings into a global synthesis, a global survey was done outside FAO and published in World forest resources - review of the world's forest resources in the early 1970's. A summary of findings on the forest situation in all tropical moist forests was provided in the FAO study, Attempt at an assessment of the world's tropical moist forests.

See also:
FAO. 1976a. Appraisal of the forest resources in the Latin American Region. Document presented at the 12th session of the Latin American Forestry Commission, Havana, Cuba, February 1976. FO:LACF/76.
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