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FRA 2020 Remote Sensing Survey


Following the recommendations from the 23rd session of the Committee of Forestry (COFO), FRA 2020 is conducting a participatory global remote sensing survey (FRA 2020 RSS) with the scope of improving estimates of forest area change at global and regional scales. The FRA secretariat, in collaboration with the Joint Research Center of the
European Commission (JRC) and the FAO working group on remote sensing, has developed a worldwide methodology for the FRA 2020 RSS, which is also scalable to national assessments.

The scope and the methodological design of the survey were defined on the basis of experiences, in particular from the previous FRA 2010 RSS and taking advantage from technological progress as well as from the increased availability of satellite imagery.


Provide independent and consistent estimates at global, regional and Global Ecological Zone (GEZ) levels on:

• Land use and land cover area in 2018.
• Changes in land use area and land cover for the periods 2000-2010, and 2010-2018.
• Deforestation drivers.
• Develop national capacities in remote sensing.
• Build up a global network of FRA RSS experts.