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Evaluaciones de recursos forestales mundiales

FRA 2020 Remote Sensing Survey

FRA 2020 was planned from the beginning to include a new and improved global remote sensing survey. During 2017 the scope and general design of the survey have been elaborated, taking stock of the experiences from the 2010 RSS and the 2015 update as well as recent technological developments.

The objectives set out for the FRA 2020 Remote Sensing Survey are:
• Provide independent and consistent estimates of forest area and changes at global, regional and biome level.
• Obtain forest area estimates with the same accuracy of the 2010 RS survey and forest area change estimates with significantly higher accuracy than the previous survey
• Use a methodology that can be easily up-scaled for use at country level for those countries that wish to do so.
• Use a collaborative approach for the data collection, engaging national experts for sample interpretation and thereby generating country data ownership and develop national capacities in remote sensing assessment.
• Create a database of field reference data using crowdsourcing tools and drone images.

JRC is the main partner for the implementation. They will provide support to data collection for countries of the European and tropical zones and they will collect the independent reference data of the tropics for the accuracy assessment process.