Private and community forestry in Central and Eastern Europe

As a result of the restitution or privatisation of forests in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) since 1990, forest ownership patterns have considerably changed. The increased number of private forest owners represents a major challenge for the State Forestry Services (SFS) especially when forest owners are not organised and the institutional framework is still not completely adapted to the new requirements. In some cases, this might result in loss of opportunities for social and economic development and to unsustainable forest management. The new ownership structure will require existing and new forestry services to focus considerably more on private owners in order to better respond to the needs of the forestry sector and to ensure its development.

Objective of FAO support

The FAO Forestry Department aims at supporting the establishment of a well organised and well managed private and community forestry sector in selected countries of CEE that is profitable to the forest owners, contributes to the economic development as well as protects and develops forest resources and eco-systems for people's long-term benefits.
In particular FAO supports and promotes the introduction and consolidation of participatory forestry processes at all institutional levels. It also supports the strengthening of institutional frameworks, including the adaptation of policies and legislation and the enhancement of forestry services.

Since 2002, anetworkof representatives of different interest groups from eleven countries work together with FAO and other partner institutions to promote sustainable forest management in the private and community forestry sector of CEE.
In 2004, four new countries from the Balkans joined the network.

This page is aimed at:

  • informing forest operators about FAO activities in support of private and community forestry in CEE; and
  • serving the network of partners in CEE as a source of information on ongoing activities in the region, especially as they relate to private forestry.

last updated:  Wednesday, July 5, 2006