Supporting private and community forestry in Central and Eastern Europe

The FAO Forestry Department has collaborated with CEE countries since the beginning of the restitution/privatisation process by supporting forestry policy and institutions development under the new conditions of a market economy. More recently FAO focused on the improvement/adaptation of state forestry services (SFS) in order to meet the needs and requirements of the increasing number of private forest owners. In particular a Technical Cooperation Project (TCP) in Slovenia was very successful in building the capacities of the SFS and changing the approach from the ┬┐command and control┬┐ of the past to a participatory approach that is client driven and addresses the needs of private forest owners.

Building upon the experience in Slovenia and thanks to the strong support from partner countries, the Forestry Department has started a series of new activities in the region. Among them:

  • Technical Cooperation Projects to support policy and institutional development, and private forest owners associations, capacity building for communication and participatory process;

  • the establishment of a network including representatives from 15 countries and different interest groups connected to private forestry;

  • a series of workshos and meetings to strengthen the cooperation between countries in the region;

  • need assessment for private forestry and private forest owners;

  • a dedicated mailing list; and

  • new project proposals.

last updated:  Wednesday, July 5, 2006