The Network of Central and Eastern European (CEE) Partners

The network of Central and Eastern Europeanpartnersincludes representatives from 15 countries and different interest groups (stakeholders) connected to sustainable management in private and community forestry. The activities that FAO supports in the region are based on the willingness and commitment of its partner to cooperate, share information, experiences and knowledge. The strength of the network relies on its diversity; Ministries, state forestry services, forest owners organisations, conservation organisations, private training centres are members of the network.

Working in Partnership

To better address the various and complex issues of private forestry in CEE, the FAO Forestry Department is now working in partnership with the . The two organizations have agreed on the elaboration andIUCN - Regional Office for Euopeimplementation of a joint programme aimed at Supporting multifunctional private and community forest sector in selected CEE countries. The programme is based on the integration of two project proposals: strengthening private and community forestry in selected countries of CEE (FAO) and strengthening biodiversity aspects of private and community forestry in the EU Accession Countries of CEE (IUCN), which share a common vision of sustainable forestry in CEE and are complementary. The joint programme will pursue the following main objectives: strengthening state forestry services, supporting forest owners associations, supporting the improvement of the institutional framework, and strengthening the role of civil society representatives in policy formulation and participation in the political debate on sustainable forest management. The project will also benefit from the technical support ofthe Confederation of European Forest Owners (CEPF), whose network is expanding also in CEE.

Country partners

last updated:  Friday, April 24, 2009