• Minutes will be distributed for comments and presented in the web site.
  • Each lead author will provide a general structure, e.g. a table of contents, of his chapter to the coordinator, who will put it on the web.
  • An official letter from FAO should be sent to the persons involved, for information and requesting time for the development of the document.
  • Krister Andersson should be contacted as a possible candidate to prepare the chapter on interviews.
  • When the function for contact persons in FORIS is ready, the coordinator will ad the contact persons for each chapter in the system.
  • FAO will create owner ships in FORIS to each lead author and his/her chapter sites. Being an owner of a site means that he/she may change content him/herself.
  • An existing terminology database should be search for.

last updated:  Tuesday, April 15, 2003