Chapter generals

  • Part I of the document should be the introduction part, Part II should be oriented to the field work, Part III to data analysis, Part IV to outputs and Part V to cases.
  • Information management should be used as a default, it implies that simplicity of database, statistic estimates should be very general- procedures can be used at national level.
  • Chapters may be linked as many issues can be addressed; the author should refer to the chapter with more specifications.
  • FORIS, Forestry information system in FAO: There should be a unique list of contacts related to each chapter. All the contacts will be listed in the system. A function in the system is under development for the use of references.
  • Lead authors will be the owner of their chapter sites in FORIS. While being the owner, he/she will be able to change content by him/herself.
  • Definitions should be linked/included in the document. There should be a selection of those that are relevant and useful.
  • The document should be dynamic and may be updated. The problem was highlighted of keeping the different languages updated, so this has to be taken into consideration. It is important that the subject paper will arrive at a high standard to minimise the rate of changes as much as possible.
  • The languages in the links in the annotated bibliography will initially be in English, Spanish and French but additional references can be made.

last updated:  Thursday, February 8, 2007