Part I - Introduction

Rationale - Policy influence

-by Mr. Reidar Persson

  • Policy influence of the NFA and how the policies in countries affect the NFA-process should be included. If there is a need to split this chapter, it will be revised later in the process.
  • Politicians¿ interest in solid data and expert estimations should be discussed.
  • NFA should have a cost benefit analysis, and the level of ambition will be related to the capacity to do continuously implement.
  • Investments opportunities.
  • Questions to be discussed: Why have things not changed, for example, important information is still missing and existing information is not used? What more information is needed and what should NFA avoid?

Alternative scopes

-by Mr. Peter Holmgren

  • The question 'what information is needed for what purpose' will be discussed and later in the document there will be the technical aspect.
  • Alternative approaches ('full cover' vs. sampling) which will lead into the base scenario for the reference.
  • Capacity building.
  • Aggregation of data and the implications according to different schemes.
  • Reliability and credibility will be discussed.

last updated:  Tuesday, April 22, 2003