Part II - Inventory / Data collection


  • In the introductory chapter it is needed to inform the reader about the different inventory types that exist, and inform them that this method is not used for management purposes. It may be used for updating data and for forest cover estimation. It was mentioned that using the approaches presented here it would be difficult to catch sparse events.
  • It should be noted that there is information that cannot be collected through the sampling and measurements but through the analysis of the data.

Sampling design

-by Mr. Erkki Tomppo and Mr. Ray Czaplewski

  • Relation between permanent and temporary plots.
  • Statistical sampling techniques.
  • Population compared with sampling frame.
  • Practical aspects of the inventory: design of the inventory, it may also be included in the organization and implementation of the inventory.
  • Precision and difference on sampling design and frequency, the role of random sampling, brief on statistical and subjective sampling.
  • How to treat special events/issues.
  • Theory and practicality, it might be a different sampling for monitoring, updating data.
  • Stratification versus post stratification and against which variables.
  • Nested plots and clusters.
  • Closely linked to Remote sensing

Observation and Measurement

by Mr. Christoph Kleinn

  • GPS and other technologies, this should be linked to the implementation and organization chapter.
  • Clusters, plots, nesting, will be related also to the sampling design chapter.

Data collection through interviews

-by Mr. Krister Andersson

Remote sensing

-by Mr. Yousif Ali Hussin

Implementation and Organization

-by Mr. Göran Ståhl

  • Information management should be related to reporting, but the main area of reporting should be included in the chapter about Information management and data registration, findings and commitments should be included in the Rational - Policy influence chapter.
  • Validation and control of data.
  • Capacity building through institutions.

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