Part III - Analyses

Information management and Data registration

-by Mr. Alan Thomson

  • The chapter will discuss the process from data recording in the field to dissemination of results.
  • Roles and responsibilities for the implementation of an inventory and different types of technologies to be used.
  • How to make the information public and to be used.
  • Metadata, who is providing it and who is aggregating, sorting and processing data.
  • Relevance of information for management purposes.
  • Attitude towards information.
  • Link between information management and sharing of information

Models for estimations and monitoring

-by Mr. Dave Reed

  • Aggregation of data may be from individuals, groups and organizations. Can be hierarchically, from small to large.
  • From aggregation to estimation.
  • Volume, biomass and carbon.
  • Definitions, models, references, and equations, these have to be discussed together. What to do if there are not equations or models. Judging the quality of an equation. Selection and accuracy. This should be linked with Sampling design.
  • Modelling.
  • Monitoring change over the time.

Part IV- Outputs


-by Mr. Jerry Vanclay

  • Including forecasting models

Part V - Cases

  • It will be showed in the cases that National forest assessments are needed for policy influence, and monitoring of the previous decisions.

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