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Overview - Kenya

The Integrated Natural Resources Assessment (INRA) is a FAO-GoK funded project initiated in 2006 in the framework of the FAO-Netherlands Partnership Programme (FNPP).

The project focuses on forestry, land use resources management, cropping systems and crop-associated biodiversity, livestock systems and animal genetic resources, soil, water resources, fisheries and aquatic resources, and socio-economic issues. The ultimate goal is to enhance ecosystem services through sustainable natural resource management. The end result include a coherent institutional networking equipped with an integrated skills and knowledge for sustainable management and conservation of natural resources for improved rural livelihoods, equitable gender involvement and strategic decision-making that stimulates national development. It will also result in inventory of natural resources and hence hasten formulation of policies that address land degradation and food security in the short and medium terms.

The project is designed to be implemented in two phases: a) INRA methodology development and testing in three pilot zones representing different ecological zones (on going); b) up-scaling of INRA to nation-wide assessment of natural resources.

The first phase of the project focused on adaptation of the approach and methods to INRA requirements and to the national context; capacity building; setting up the organisation of the project; procurement of the equipment; planning and implementation of the assessment in the three pilot zones; developing an integrated database, training in information management as well as in data processing and analysis. Conclusions from the pilot assessment should be used for the refinement of the INRA methodology. The first phase is almost completed.

The second phase will focus on extended data collection on biophysical and socio-economic properties of the natural resources in the entire country according a systematic grid of field sample plots. The second phase will build on the achievements of the first phase, namely the trained personnel, the refined approach and the integrated database.

The project is being implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, through the Department of Resources Survey and Remote Sensing (DRSRS), with technical assistance from the Departments of Forestry and Natural Resources of FAO.



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Methodology and Approach

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