Minutes from FAO/IUFRO Knowledge Reference meeting in Göttingen, 8/10 2003


Peter Holmgren
Christoph Kleinn
Ylva Melin
David Reed
Goran Stahl

Issues on the agenda

1) Introduction
2) Clarification of deliverables expected from each lead author a. Abstract b. Subject paper c. Annotated bibliography d. Contacts e. Keywords and Definitions
3) Review of subject papers
4) Case examples
5) Discussion on new topics in the Knowledge Reference
6) Marketing of the Knowledge Reference
7) Discussion on details in the available draft subject papers

1. Introduction

Christoph hosted the meeting and welcomed us in Göttingen! Ylva was elected as chairperson for the meeting, and Goran as responsible for preparing the minutes.

Ylva forwarded regards from lead authors not present and summarized the status of the work with the Knowledge Reference (KR). At present five subject papers are available in draft versions (Observation and measurement, Data collection through interviews, Organisation and implementation, Information management and data registration, and Modelling for estimation and monitoring). Remaining subject papers are scheduled to be finished before the end of December

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