2. Clarification of deliverables expected from lead authors

The following deliverables are expected from each lead author before the end of 2003:

a) Abstract (previously called overview). Each subject paper should have an abstract. In addition to comprising a standard summary of the subject paper, it should include a short section on the relevance of the subject in connection with NFAs. The abstract should be about half a page long.

b) Subject paper - with standard references (short list of references - no web links). This paper should follow the format of a standard scientific paper, although taking into account that the text should be fairly basic, using simple language (since the text will be translated to other languages than English). It should be mainly descriptive, but with prescriptive elements regarding ¿how to perform an NFA¿.

c) Annotated bibliography according to the format proposed by Christoph (document attached with this submission - to be used as a template for the annotated bibliography). The annotated bibliography is a table of references for the area covered by the subject paper. Typically the references given in the subject paper are a subset of the references in the annotated bibliography. The references should be structured according to the main sections of the subject paper.

d) Contacts. The following contact information will be tied to each subject paper: (i) the author(s), (ii) the coordinator, (iii) the relevant IUFRO working group(s) for the subject area, and (iv) the FAO/FRA contact details. Ylva will prepare this information for each subject paper, and check with the lead authors for correctness.

e) Keywords and Definitions. In the long run (next phase of the work with the KR) the ambition is to have a list of Keywords from which references will be given to relevant literature in the annotated bibliographies and to the subject papers. Also, the ambition is to have a uniform set of definitions (perhaps by linkages to other works). Peter will check with the IUFRO people what work is already ongoing within the field and what available results can be used within the scope of the KR. Ylva will then - although depending on the outcome of Peter¿s discussions with IUFRO - ask lead authors to supplement a preliminary list with additional keywords needed for the respective subject areas.

Finally, make sure to mark each submission to Ylva by date (in the documents) in order to assure that different versions of the contributions are not mixed.

last updated:  Wednesday, December 17, 2003