4. Case examples

Three countries will be covered initially in the KR. These are Guatemala, India, and Sweden. These countries will be ┬┐pilot cases┬┐ for the write-up of case examples, likely to be followed by additional countries to be appointed/asked later on.

The case example texts should use the same general structure as the KR, although with a few modifications (see below); the total length should be about 10 pages. The structure outlined below was agreed upon by the participants of the meeting. The topics under each chapter should only be considered as recommendations about what issues to cover; other relevant issues should be included as well.

  1. Background and policy context
  2. Historical development
  3. Uses and users of NFA information; role of NFA in national policy development
  4. Institutional arrangement, e.g. legal basis
  5. etc.

  6. Organisation and Implementation
  7. Organisation
  8. How does the organisation implement the NFA
  9. Experiences
  10. etc.

  11. Sampling design
  12. What sampling design is used; motivation
  13. etc.

  14. Observation and measurement
  15. What variables are assessed; condensed presentation to avoid extensive lists
  16. Plot design
  17. Measurement equipment
  18. Link to field manual
  19. Quality control of data
  20. Motivation for selecting the particular procedures used
  21. etc.

  22. Data collection through interviews
  23. What variables
  24. How are the interviews performed
  25. Mainly cover interviews tied to the actual sample plot locations
  26. Experiences?
  27. etc.

  28. Remote sensing
  29. In what way is remote sensing used?
  30. Links to the field sampling?
  31. etc.

  32. Information management
  33. Procedures for data collection, processing, analysis
  34. Archiving of data; long term data security
  35. etc.

  36. Modelling for estimation and monitoring
  37. What types of equations are used; sources.
  38. Principles used in the estimation phase
  39. etc.

  40. Outputs
  41. What kind of standard results are produced
  42. Is scenario modelling performed, and in such case: what methods are used
  43. etc.

  44. Lessons learned

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