5. Discussions on new topics in the Knowledge Reference

After a short discussion, it was decided to stay with the current list of subjects and subject papers until the first version of the KR is ready. In preparation of continued work within the next phase, the issue of incorporating new subject areas will be brought up again.

However, the following additions/clarifications to the current structure were decided upon:

1) A general introduction to the entire KR is needed. Peter will prepare a text in response to this need.
2) Ylva will propose photos to be included in the web page to make it look more attractive.
3) Overview of options, in section II of the KR, will be written by the coordinator.
4) Chapter on Organisation and Implementation should be moved to part I of the KR.

6. Marketing of the Knowledge Reference

The ambition is to make the KR known to potential users. A decision was made to produce a small pamphlet describing the KR. This pamphlet will then be distributed at different conferences etc. The ambition is to have the pamphlet ready by March; it should be produced in English to start with and potentially be translated into Spanish and French later on.

A discussion about teaching material based on the KR was held - it was decided to leave this issue until the next phase of the work. The links to teaching materials in the KR should be removed for the time being.

7. Discussion on details in the available draft subject papers

The five draft papers available were discussed, and comments were given directly to Christoph, Goran, and David. Comments to Alan and Krister (who were not at the meeting) will be forwarded by Ylva and Peter.

Some issues from the discussion of relevance for all authors:

- National Forest Assessments - NFA - definition should be part of the introduction that Peter will write.

- Highlight central statements with boxes! Recommendation to all lead authors.

last updated:  Monday, November 10, 2003