The Role of Poplar and Willow Culture in the Rural Sustainable Development

Their Social, Environmental and Economic Contribution

Italian Side Event

to the 32nd Session of the FAO Conference
Iran Room, 4 December 2003, 11:am-12.30pm

Announcement Annonce Anuncio

P. Ducci (Chair) - Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Coord. FAO/IFAD/PAM - CNP
E. H. Sène - Director, Forest Resources Division, Forestry Department, FAO
F. Radice Fossati - Chairman of the National Poplar Commission
  • Introduction and outcomes of the ¿First International Conference on the future of poplar culture¿

S. Bisoffi - Chairman of the International Poplar Commission

P. Holmgren - Chief Forest Resources Development Service, Forestry Department , FAO

P. Ducci
  • Questions and answers

  • Closing remarks
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