5. Discussion

Information management deals with the flow of information all the way from data entry in field recording devices to the generation of reports to balance the needs of many information users (Päivinen et al.1998) and to meet national and international commitments. Information may be initially gathered for other purposes such as certification (Simula et al. 2002) and subsequently used in National FRAs. Technological aspects of the process are well defined, as are administrative and project management processes to facilitate system development, and it is leadership (Roberts and Nagle 1997), policies (Geomatics Industry Association of Canada 2002) or institutional and organizational issues, often related to funding and support, that become major constraints. Where there is adequate institutional and organisational support, the ¿digital divide¿ (FAO 2001b) can also be a constraint. However, initiatives such as the UN Task Force on Information and Communication Technologies (UN 2003), may lead to rapid improvements in this area.

last updated:  Thursday, February 26, 2004