Zidlochovice, Czech Republic, 2002

In December 2002 the workshopSupport to Multifunctional Forestry in Central and Eastern Europewas organised by the FAO Forestry Department, The World Conservation Union (IUCN), The Confederation of European Forest Owners (CEPF) and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. The participants of the workshop represented a wide spectrum of people involved in forest management from a unique partnership of national and international governmental and non-governmental organisations representing forest stakeholders. They established a network with the aim of promoting a regional project, supporting fundraising and ensuring collaboration among countries in the private forestry sector.

Hubrá Skála, Czech Republic, 2004

FAO Forestry Department organized, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic and the "Forest of the Czech Republic"- State Enterprise, Forestry Policy Workshop with the theme Trends in Forest Use and Conservation - Policy Options for Action.
The purpose of the forestry policy workshop was to review current and emerging issues facing the development of the forestry sector in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), discuss policy implications and identify practical policy options for action.
The following outputs were produced:
  • shared respective information and knowledge through the production and sharing of country reports, panel presentations and working groups discussion;
  • improved understanding of current and emerging policy issues facing the development of national or sub-regional forestry sector;
  • identified practical policy options for tackling priority issues;
  • an information and knowledge network developed to facilitate the implementation of identified policy options, considering the integration of the forestry sector within national development strategies

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2004

The IUCN office for Central Europe organised a workshop hosted by the Lithuanian Forest Owners Association: Communicating Biodiversity to Private Forest Owners in the EU Accession Countries. The workshop aimed at:
  • formulating of strategy for communicating biodiversity conservation to forest owners in the EU accession countries;
  • feviewing of proposed drafts and concepts of model extension materials and training programmes, to be designed as a part of the project.
The publication Communicating Biodiversity Conservation to Forest Owners in East-Central Europe (IUCN-ROfE, 2004), was produced as output of the workshop.

Balaton Zamárdi, Hungary, 2004

As agreed in Zidlochovice, the network of partners met for a second time in Hungary in September 2004 for the workshop Assistance to Private Forestry Sector in Central and Eastern European countries. This time the group included also countries from the Balkans. The participants were able to evaluate the activities undertaken since 2002 and plan new calendar of country specific and joint activities based on emerging issues in private forestry, accumulated experience of the private and public sector and a reinforced collaboration between neighbouring countries. Moreover the participants developed an articulated contribution to be submitted to the EU for the European Forestry Strategy.
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