Technical Cooperation Projects

Country Czech Republic
Title Capacity Building and Communication Strategy for the Forestry Sector
Status Ongoing
  • Develop an in-service training programme for the forestry service and non-governmental organization staff members in communication techniques and participatory approaches.
  • Design an integral strategy for enhanced active public involvement in forest management.
  • Design a communication strategy to raise awareness on forestry issues among the general public.
Reference documentation Project web site; Training material; Project documentation

Country Lithuania
Title Development of the private forestry sector in Lithuania
Status Completed
  • Assist the government in establishing organizational structures and developing appropriate policy, legal and other institutional instruments to support the evolution of private forestry.
  • Identify economically and environmentally viable models for private forest owners and related industries.
Reference documentation Project Terminal Statement

Countrty Serbia
Title Institutional Development and Capacity Building for the National Forest Programme
Status Ongoing
  • Draft a forestry policy and strategy and revise and update the forestry legislation
  • Design a self-reliant forestry institutional framework
  • Strengthen national capacities for forestry policy and programme development
Reference documentation Project Web site

Country Slovenia
Title Capacity Building for Support to Private Forest Owners and Public Participation
Status Completed

  • Develop in-service and continuing education and institutional strengthening in support of private and family forestry
  • Upgrade capacities by training forestry professionals and trainers
Reference documentation Project Terminal Statement

New project proposals

A new project proposalStrengthening of private and community forestry in selected countries of CEEwas developed through a participatory process, which involved partner countries in its formulation and took advantage of the experiences of associations of forest owners from Western Europe. The project, which addresses recognised need and explicit requests of support form the countries, intends to provide institution-building by: i) enabling forestry services to meet the needs of the private / community forestry sector; ii) enabling and encouraging private forest owners and community users to establish forest owner associations; iii) integrating essential requirements in the institutional framework.
FAO, and its partners are currently promoting the programme and addressing the donors┬┐ community for funding support.

Need assessment in private forestry

Under the request of partners countries, the FAO Forestry Department supported the implementation of three studies on private forestry. In particular, the assessment:
  • identified the training needs of private forest owners; and
  • assessed the capacities of private organisations, such as forest owners organisations, to meet the needs of forest owners
The appraisal was conducted in Estonia (pdf), Hungary (pdf) and Lithuania (pdf) .
last updated:  Friday, July 14, 2006