Chapter specification

Each chapter will have a common set of webpages as follows. Chapters are planned to be translated into, initially, three of FAO's official languages; English, French and Spanish.


The abstract will give an overall presentation of the subject in the chapter and will cover about half a page.

Lead author

Contact details and introduction to the lead author and also the author's subjects of interest will be presented.

Subject paper

The chapter will have a subject paper that gives a comprehensive introduction to the subject. The subject paper should be formatted like a scientific paper. Since the text will be translated, initially to French and Spanish, it is important to arrive at a high standard paper, which can be kept for some years without major changes. The paper will contain around 4000 words.

Annotated bibliography

After the subject paper the reader will be guided through relevant additional reading that cover adequate aspects of the subject, and that is available on-line.

Annex: Contacts

The following contact information will be tied to each chapter: (i) the author(s), (ii) the coordinator, (iii) the relevant IUFRO working group(s) for the subject area, and (iv) the FAO/FRA contact details.

Annex: Acronyms, terms, definitions and thesaurus

Links with ongoing work on a Forestry Thesaurus will be included.

last updated:  Wednesday, December 17, 2003