Minutes from meeting on the Knowledge Reference for

National Forest Assessments,

12 November 2004 - FAO Rome


Participants: Dan Altrell, Anne Branthomme, Magnus Grylle, Peter Holmgren, Ylva Melin and Mohamed Saket


The following issues were discussed on the Knowledge Reference for National Forest Assessments:


Entire site:

  • Remaining chapters and sections: Two chapters are left to be written (Remote sensing & Scenarios). Ylva and Peter will check how the work with these two chapters is going. The ¿alternative scope¿ section will be removed for the time being. It might be written at a later stage by Peter;
  • Review of entire document: It was decided to wait about 6 months to do the review of the entire document. By then all chapters are expected to be ready. A consultant can be appointed by FAO for this task;
  • Text on the home site: The text on the home site will be changed and all authors involved in the Knowledge Reference will be listed at this same page. Responsible for this are Peter and Ylva;
  • Cases about FRA-project countries: It was suggested that the national consultants in the FRA project countries could contribute with cases. Anne, Dan and Ylva will ask the concerned consultants to do this. If the planned expert meeting in 9-11 March 2005 FAO Rome will be approved, it was found suitable to have the case contributions (Philippines, Lebanon, Guatemala) ready by then.
  • List of NFAs: A new page will be created where a complete list of links to national forestry inventories around the world will be listed;
  • Pamphlet: A pamphlet develop by Ylva about the site will be sent to FAO for printing;
  • Master bibliography: It was discussed to have one list with all references in the Annotated bibliographies on the home site. The aim with this list would be to make available a reference database in which searches on specific subjects related to NFAs would be possible. The searches would be arranged with Agrovoc and with keywords to all references;
  • New link: Process: ¿Minutes¿ and ¿chapter specification¿ at the homepage will be moved into the new link ¿Process¿.

Each chapter:

  • Update of chapters: Once all chapters are published on the web the authors may update their chapters for consistency with other chapters. New links within the Knowledge Reference might also be added;
  • New introduction page: There will be a new introduction page to each chapter: ¿Title and authors¿. All persons involved in the chapter will be gathered at this page; Lead authors, co-authors and contact persons in IUFRO Division 4. Short introduction will be written and last edited date will also be shown;
  • Acronyms, terms, definition and thesaurus will be taken away from the chapters;
  • Translation: Translations of all subject papers into Spanish and French will start once the chapters are considered ready.


Launching - 1 of December 2004

  • COST Action E43: It was suggested that Göran Ståhl and/or Erkki Tomppo could present the Knowledge Reference at the COST Action E43 conference in Florence in beginning of December 2004. Ylva will check with Erkki if this could be included in the programme;
  • E-mail: The launching e-mail will be distributed from both SLU and FAO. Peter will check with IUFRO how this can be proceeded in the best way;
  • Press release: A possible press release could take place in connection with the IUFRO congress in Brisbane, August 2005.
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