Activities of the working party

The Working Party has the following overall aim:
To better share the knowledge and technology in implementation of cost effective environmental uses of poplar and willow to contribute to sustainable livelihoods and rural development

The activities of the Working Party can be grouped into two primary categories according broadly, to whether the remediation action is physical or chemical in nature. These groupings have been used to organise the information on this website and may be used to structure future meetings. A broad description of the following activities will be provided on this website at a future date.


Site and landscape improvement

Phytoremediation of polluted soil and water

Bank stabilisation

Combating desertification and salinisation

Shelterbelts and windbreaks

Soil rehabilitation

Buffer zones

Contaminated sites

Wastewater management/ treatment

Organic waste management

The activities of the working party will be modified by the needs of the participants as the WP develops. However, the objectives for the working party identified to date are:
  • To identify what work is being or has been done and where the gaps in knowledge are, which may be preventing/limiting operational exploitation.
  • To promote the sharing of information to facilitate the rapid adoption of techniques or technologies for local and global environmental benefit.
  • To transfer information across technical areas.
  • To identify research needs.
  • To publish implementation manuals.


last updated:  Monday, July 30, 2012