The success of a National Forest Assessment (NFA) depends on many factors, such as an adequate selection of variables to assess and a cost-efficient design. However, the organization and implementation of the NFA also need to be carefully considered. There are many options available with regard to organizing a NFA, but in general close collaboration with users of the information and with national knowledge centres such as universities is favourable. Depending on resources available, the organization may either be a single integrated entity or it may be larger and split on different units. In the latter case, there are different options available for the division into units and one suggestion is presented in the paper.

During the implementation, focus should be set on assuring high-quality final output. Thus, there is a need for precise procedures for the assessments, continuous training of the field staff, check-assessments, and adequate resources and time for compiling and disseminating results based on the data acquired. This implementation process is mainly focused on NFAs based on field sampling.

last updated:  Thursday, November 25, 2004