Technical contacts

To aid communication between people working on similar subjects and bring research results forward into practical and commercial application, a directory of experts is being compiled detailing the individual or organisational activities and key publications. In this context we are applying the term expert to researchers and practitioners alike. If you would like to be included in this list, please complete this form and return to Technical Secretariat.


Name         Dr Reinhart Ceulemans
AffiliationResearch Group of Plant and Vegetation Ecology
AddressUniversity of Antwerpen - Campus Drie Eiken, Universiteitsplein 1, B-2610 Wilrijk, Belgium
Areas of interestHeavy metal take up by poplar
NameDr Ioannis Dimitriou
AffiliationDepartment of Crop Production Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
AddressUllsväg 16, 75007 Box 70 16, Uppsala, Sweden
Areas of interest

Soil and water quality issues resulting from application of organic wastes and wastewater.
Fate of heavy metals in willow. Biodiversity and environmental impact of intensive SR forestry

NameJohn Doornbos
AffiliationCanadian Forest Service
Address8815 188 Street NW, Edmonton, Canada
Areas of interestUse of wastewater and sewage biosolids on poplar and willow
NameDr Sharon Doty
AffiliationUniversity of Washington
AddressBox 352100 Seattle, Washington 98195-2100, USA
Areas of  interest

Phytoremediation of organic pollutants. Biological nitrogen fixation. Bioenergy

NameDr Katrin Heinsoo

Institute of Agriculture and Environment, Estonian University of Life Sciences

AddressRiia 181, 51014, Tartu, Estonia
Areas of interest

Wastewater and organic waste management in willow SRC.
Stabilisation of contaminated soil using willow

NameBent Holm
AffiliationEstonian University of Life Sciences
AddressRiia 181, Tartu, 51014, Estonia
Areas of interest

Wastewater and organic waste management/use on willow SRC.

NameTony Hutchings
AffiliationForest Research
AddressAlice Holt Lodge, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 4LH, United Kingdom
Areas of interest

Willow and poplar use in land stabilisation, restoration and urban greening.
Contaminant take up by willow

NameMr Jagdish Kishwan
AffiliationIndian Council of Forest Research and Education
AddressPO Box New Forest, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Areas of interest

Incentives of carbon sequestration services. Forest management education & extension.
Agroforestry and benefits for poverty alleviation and landscape improvements

NameDr Alistair McCracken
AffiliationDept. Agriculture and Rural Development Northern Ireland
AddressNIHPBS, Loughgall. Co Armagh. BT 61 8JB, Northern Ireland
Areas of interest

The use of SRC willow for bioremediation system of sewage sludge, municipal wastewater and landfill leachate.

NameIan McIvor
AddressTennant Drive, Private Bag 11030, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Areas of interest

Slope stabilisation using poplar and willow. Poplar and willow breeding.
General environmental benefits of poplar and willow

NameMr Andrea Pilipović
AffiliationInstitute of Lowland Forestry and Environment
AddressAntona Čehova 13, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
Areas of interest

Phytoremediation of nitrates, heavy metals and hydrocarbons using willow and poplar.
Breeding and selection for phytoremediation

NameDr Saschidananda (Sas) Biswas
AffiliationIndian Council of Forest Research and Education
AddressPO Box New Forest, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Areas of interest

Poplar and willow selection for environmentally stressed sites.
Use of grassroots knowledge base for cultivation and use of poplar and willow

NameArno Thomas
AddressGaverstraat 4, B-9500 Geraardsbergen, Belgium
Areas of interestUse of poplar for ecological restoration of agricultural land to forestry
NameDr Lu-Min Vaario
AffiliationFinnish Research Institute
AddressPo Box 18, EI-01301 Vantaa, Finland
Areas of interestMycorrhizal associations in phytoremediation
NameDr Bart Vandecasteele
AffiliationInstitute for Forestry and Game Management, Ministry of the Flemish Community
AddressGaverstraat 4, B-9500 Geraardsbergen, Belgium
Areas of interestPhytostabilisation and restoration of contaminated land
NameDr Jin-Kie Yeo
AffiliationKorea Forest Research Institute
Address44-3 Omokcheon- Dong, Sunwon, Kyeonggi-Do, 441-350, Korea
Areas of interest

Wastewater management using poplar. Selection of poplar tolerant to soil stress

NameDr Jill A. Zalesny
AffiliationWisconsin Department of Natural Resources
AddressBureau of Remediation and Redevelopment, 107 Sutliff Avenue, Rhinelander, WI 54501, USA
Areas of interest

Physiology of poplars used for phyto-technologies. Contaminant take up and fate.
Salinity responses

NameDr Ronald S. Zalesny Jr
AffiliationU.S. Forest Service, Northern Research Station
AddressInstitute for Applied Ecosystem Studies, 5985 Highway K, Rhinelander, WI 54501, USA
 Areas of interest

Breeding, selecting, and testing the ability of Poplar and Salix for uptake and/or remediation of inorganic and organic contaminants in ground water and soils. Utilizing waste waters to irrigate and fertilize energy crops

last updated:  Tuesday, October 16, 2012